Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Codie. I am currently enrolled at Antelope Valley College. I am a certified Wildland Firefighter and a Call Firefighter at Station 112 in Southern California. I have my endorsements for Fire Tech I and Fire Tech II, both certified from our training station, Station 129 in Lancaster, California. I am also a student instructor for Fire Tech I and Fire Tech II at the same station. I am extremely excited about the path of my education and career I have chosen for myself. My dad and mom, Wayne and Jackie, have taught me, through their actions, that if you work hard, pick your career early and give it everything you have now, your life later will be so much more rewarding. My dad has worked for United Parcel Service for 25 years. He started out as a part time employee, worked his way up to a package driver, the guy in the U.P.S. brown truck. He drove a package car for 16 years and with his years of hard work, was able to advance his career to drive the 18 wheelers, U.P.S. calls, "Feeder." He has worked local Feeder in California for a couple of years. Now he drives cross country to New Mexico and Portland Or. By picking his career early and working hard at it, I have been able to grow up with the same friends from Elementary School, to now, in college. My father's dedication to his career also gave my mom the ability to stay home to be available for my younger brother, Branden, and myself, when we needed her most. My parents have been married for 21 years. This is just a little background of who I am and where I come from. A stable, secure and loving family. I hope you join me on my next exciting chapter in my life.
August 2009 ~ Southern California had a widespread brush fire called the Station Fire. Unfortunately, We, the community, lost two heroic firefighters who were protecting life and property.
This was an unfortunate incident.
I am a 20-year-old, here in Southern California who is also a recent Fire Tech Graduate, certified Wildland Firefirghter and Call Firefighter at Station 112. I knew I had to do something to aid our firefighters and their families. I wanted to come up with an idea to earn money so that I can donate in the future, if something like this were ever to happen again to our firefighters. I am a full time student at Antelope Valley College, getting my degree in fire science. I asked my parents if I could have the money from their recyclable aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles. I told them that 100% of the money could be used for the purpose of helping firefighters, and or their families, who get injured, or lose their lives protecting us. Not only did they say yes, they told me they would help me start this website. Crushacan.com was created in the summer of 2009. I am sure that there are other people who would like to participate in an idea like this. It doesn't cost anything but you're time to        "Crush A Can"
I'm not asking for a cash donation. I'm willing to work hard to come to your location, within the Antelope Valley, CA. If you would put your cans and bottles aside for "Crush A Can" I would be happy to pick them up for recycling. Remember, 100% of the money I collect will help a firefighter, or his/her family in a time of need.
If you already recycle and use that money for your family, please continue to do so. However, if you do not recycle, this would be a great reason to start and help our heros of the AV. Please,        ""Crush A Can"  and let me pick up your cans and bottles to turn them into something great.
Thank you for your help,
You CAN get involved too.
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It's simple to get involved with CrashACan.com. All you have to do is, whenever you're done drinking a soda, bottled water, cold beer, bottle of wine, or anything that has a California redemption, put it aside in a plastic bag that I will provide for you. When your bag is full, schedule a pick up with CrushACan.com through the contact form on the right and within 48 hours, I will work out a pick up, or drop off time, that is most convenient for you. I want to make your experience with CrushACan.com as easy as possible so you will reccomend this site to all your family and friends.

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Los Angeles County Fire Department, Award of Merit, Explorer Codie Ponschke-Post 17. This award is to honor you in your creativity in developing the website wwwCrushacan.com to be an ongoing effort in raising funds for firefighters and their families in a time of need. Great job Codie, 2009.